I received a court summons

A court summons means that your landlord has filed an eviction case against you in court and that you have been summoned to appear for a scheduled hearing.

The summons should state the time and date of your court hearing. The 36th District Court currently holds eviction hearings remotely using Zoom.

  • Look up your case here by searching your name and/or case number (located on your court summons).

  • Attend your virtual court hearing here by navigating to the landlord-tenant section. Locate the name of your judge and courtroom number as indicated by your court summons and select "Join Zoom Hearing".

It is very important to attend you court hearing. Judges rule in favor of landlords "by default" if a tenant does not attend their court hearing. Note: first hearing in eviction court are a pre-trial, and no judgment will usually be entered, but it is still important to attend to access legal aid and rental assistance.