I need legal Help

Legal aid providers are present in Zoom courtrooms, but there are not enough lawyers to provide legal representation.

Detroit City Council passed a Right to Counsel ordinance in May 2022 (projected start date is October 2022), but officials have not allocated the resources necessary to insure tenants their right to a lawyer.

These legal service providers have limited capacities but may be able to assist you with your eviction case and/or housing needs:

  • Detroit Eviction Help may help connect you with legal representation. You can reach the Detroit Eviction Helpline at 1-(866)-313-2520.

  • Lakeshore Legal Aid provides a range of free civil legal services for those who are low income and can assist you with eviction and landlord/tenant matters in court. Call them at 1-(888)-783-8190.

  • United Community Housing Coalition (UCHC) provides free counseling and legal representation as well as housing relocation services for people in Wayne County with low incomes. Call them at 1-(313)-963-3310. Email: eviction@uchcdetroit.org (if you’re facing eviction) or help@uchcdetroit.org (for any other issues or questions).

  • Michigan Legal Services provides free representation in housing matters to low-income people in for people in Wayne County with low incomes. Call them at 1-(313)-964-4130.

  • Detroit Justice Center may be able to provide legal assistance for housing matters. Call them at 1-(313)-736-5957.

  • Southwest Detroit Immigrant and Refugee Center offers free and low-cost legal services (not just immigration law) in the Detroit area. Call them at 1-(313)-288-9904. They have 2 law clinics a week:

      • 2826 Bagley on Wednesdays, 12-6 pm;

      • 15491 Maddelein (East side) on Thursdays, 12-5 pm.

  • Michigan Bar Modest Means Program connects moderate-income people with attorneys who offer reduced prices. It isn’t free. There are income and asset guidelines. Fill out an application on the website, and they’ll call you.

  • Michigan Legal Help (MLH) is a website for people handling legal problems without a lawyer. It can help you understand your legal problems, prepare for court and connect you with legal representation.

    • Additionally, there’s a Michigan Legal Help Self-Help Center in the Coleman Young Building, 19th floor, Room 1911. Hours are 9 am-2 pm. You can access the website there. They have “navigators” help visitors use the website, answer questions about court practices, and answer simple questions about forms. They don't provide legal advice.

  • Law Help Interactive is website created by the Michigan Poverty Law Program that helps you fill out legal documents for free.