I want to organize to fight eviction

Join the fight against eviction, displacement, and gentrification:

How to start your own tenants association

  • Reach out to your neighbors and see if you have common problems in your building.

  • If so, have a meeting with neighbors to form a Tenants Association. This may take some time, some good ideas are leaving flyers in common areas of the building. If you have to, another good idea is to knock on everyone's door or put flyers on everyone's door.

  • Once you have formed a Tenants Association, draft a list of all issues within the building to submit to management or landlord.

  • Anything you do submit to management or landlord leave space for their signature and request for it to be signed and returned.

Check out and share this resource for organizing tenants (B&W, Color)

More resources on how to join or start a tenants union:

Organizing a Home Defense

What is a home defense?

In Detroit, "In order for the bailiff to evict, the landlord must have a dumpster delivered to the site for the tenant’s belongings or personal property. Once the dumpster is delivered to the property, the eviction typically occurs shortly thereafter." A home defense is sitting vigil and watching for the dumpster to come. See an example of a home defense in Detroit here.