there is lead in my rental unit 

Lead hazards are extremely common in Detroit's majority pre-1978 rental housing stock and poses a serious public health risk to tenants, children, and our communities.

Lead poisoning has a detrimental impact on brain and nervous system development in youth and often has adverse consequences for health and well-being into adulthood. The main source of exposure is ingested lead paint chips and dust, although soil and water should also be tested. 

If you think your home should be inspected for lead or your landlord is non-compliant, contact the Buildings, Safety, Engineering, and Environmental Department (BSEED) at 1-(313)-224-2733.

There are various local and state programs that can identify and remove lead-based hazards from your home. Note: Many of these programs have extensive waiting lists (several months).

Local community organizations also provide services, information, and organizing opportunities to lead-impacted households. Note: this is not an exhaustive list.